Small Media. Big Impact.

Tiny Giants

Tiny Giants Media is a small media company that holds an

inventory of small media spaces that are highly targeted and

contextual. We offer real audience data and campaign suggestions.

We understand our media spaces as well as the audience

that sees them on a daily basis. We have a wealth of

experience and data collected from past campaigns and

community messages.

We are a small team of big thinkers changing how media spaces

are managed.

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Services We Have

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I think media spaces are merely voices with which companies or people can use to send messages to audiences.
We build honest effective media spaces, no fluff and bluff business.
— Alexis

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Targeted poster spaces

This is what we do!

Honest media spaces

Accurate audience demographics

Reasonable, transparent pricing

Demographic targeting (race, age, income, geography & religion)

Monthly artwork changes

Past case studies from both client campaigns and community messages

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Our Media Holdings

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Elevator Advertisement Panels

We have over 700 A3 poster panels placed inside elevators of about 100 residential condominiums.

Over 140 thousand people see our posters at least twice a day!

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Mosque Advertisements

Through our partnerships with mosques we have A0 poster panels inside over 30 mosques.

Our panels are placed in the following locations for maximum effect:

1) In main entrance

2) Next to Wuduk area

3) Outside of prayer halls

myeg roadtax advertisements - png

MYEG Road Tax Ads

We have access to MYEG’s road tax delivery network to distribute flyers to each and every diver who renews his road tax online via MYEG. These drivers have the following demographics:

1) Tech Savvy

2) Has online banking acc

3) familiar with online purchasing

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Some of our crazy ideas

Every now and then we are tasked by clients to come up with creative proposals for how to best use our poster media. These are some of the ideas our team has been fortunate enough to work on over the past year. Write to us if you would like to find out more about how we come up with our ad campaigns.

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Audience Targeting by


Our Promise


Honest, effective media spaces.

Making advertisements personal.

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